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Pimping teh Fanfics~ - Rave Master

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August 18th, 2007

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06:06 pm - Pimping teh Fanfics~
Eh... I'm cutting this just in case. After all, most of the fics I've written are yaoi/shonen-ai implied. <.<; Mods may delete if they feel like pimping fics (since it's not stated in the rules) are not allowed.

I just want to drop the word that a couple of few fics are up and editted in umichii_works. The icons aren't up yet, but so far, I've posted all of the fics and some of the newer arts. And yes, all works are just Rave.

The entries are friends-locked though, except for Surgeon General's Hospital and Isle Fractions (a collaboration with leronze) since they're the tamer and safe to read fics. So basically, ye have to join the comm to be able to read the other entries.

I don't know if this has reached ye guys yet, but long time ago, (as in, REAL long) me and leronze have created this comm that centers around Rave's yaoi side. I'm still working on it, but I will post news once it's up. xD (Gawds have mercy, ye know I'm lazy. <.< *hides from baka neechan*)

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